Never lose a sale.

Provide customers a contactless one tap way to browse & purchase your online-only inventory in the store.

Digital Story Telling

A beautifully designed interactive panel built for retail stores.

Social Media Highlights Integration

Showcase your rich social content seamlessly inside your store.

Interactive Content

Showcase lookbooks, fit guides & seasonal collections.

Drive Sales & Leads

Scan, Search, Discover, Subscribe & Buy - A Contactless Store Experience.

One Tap Check Out

Customers can seamlessly buy your online inventory directly in-store - payment, shipping information and email collected with one tap.

One Tap Follow

Convert visitors into customer - drive email subscribers with one tap from the panel.

A Contactless Endless Aisle

One Tap > Shipped Home

Social Content In Your Store

Scan, Search, Discover & Save

A Simplified Omnichannel Experience


Contactless Payments

Customers can directly submit their payment, shipping and contact information directly to the panel and get products shipped home.



We integrate with major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Klaviyo & much more.



We include a beautiful 43" touch panel that can be mounted like a TV anywhere inside your store.


No IT Involvement

We seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure without the involvement of IT.


Installation & Maintenance

We take care of it - an all in one service.


Analytics & Reporting

Track interactions, leads & sales in our dashboard.

Have a lightbox in your store within 1 week.